Incidents re: UFO’s, Ghosts (8398_16)

I would like to request all information relating to 999 calls made to your force between July
2013 and July 2016 (or as close to these dates as possible) that include the
keywords ‘ghost’, ‘UFO’, ‘zombie’, ‘vampire’ and ‘supernatural’ and as much
detail as possible relating to the call i.e time, date and location for each
one. I would also like to know to which calls did Police respond to with action. Read more

Suspended Officers (8800_16)

How many of your force’s officers were suspended on full pay in the last three financial years between 1st April 2013 – 31st March 2014, between 1st April 2014 -31st March 2015 and between 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016. Could I possibly ask would it be possible to let me know how many days each officer was suspended for please? Read more

Honour Based Crime (8926_16)

Please could you tell me how many reports of honour crime you have received in the past five years (from January 2011 to present)?

May I have the information broken down by date, the nature of the complaint (eg kidnap, beating, murder) and the outcome of the incident (eg arrest, charge).

If my request is denied in whole or in part, I ask that you justify all deletions by reference to the specific exemptions of the act.
Read more