Incidents at Care Homes (4557_16)

Command and Control Closed Incidents between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2015 where the ‘Incident Location Feature’ is Hospital, Care Home or Nursing Home and where the keyword is Dementia within the ‘Initial Brief Incident Detail’ field.
Recorded / Outcome in your Crime recording database could be searched where the ‘Offence Location’ is Hospital, Care Home or Nursing Home and using the keyword Dementia within the ‘Mo Notes’ field. Read more

PSD Investigations (4709_16)

Do all investigations into Police Officer misconduct by your Professional Standards Department have to follow the policies and procedures set out in the Police Conduct Regulations and what would happen to the investigation if PSD failed to adhere to these procedures (i.e. would the investigation fail due to failure to follow regulations)? Read more