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Month: March 2016

Council Meetings (2306_16)

I understand that there are regular meetings between the West Midlands Police and politicians within Sandwell and Dudley at both Ward and Constituency level.

1. Where are these meetings publicised?

2. Where are the minutes of these meeting published?

3. Can Members of the public attend these meetings?

4. Who and under what authority decides who is invited?

Coercive Control Law (1704_16)

As discussed we are making a programme for `Tonight’ on ITV about the new coercive control law enacted on the 29th December 2015. As part of the programme we are looking to find out how many arrest and charges have been made under this new law to date.

To clarify this is the number of arrest and/or charges made at your constabulary under the new coercive control legislation.

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