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Month: December 2015

Staffing Numbers (6738_15)

How many employees does your organisation employ (full time equivalent) where the primary function covers the following disciplines:

a) Public Relations
b) Human Resources
c) Communications
d) IT
e) Accountants/payroll
f) General administration
g) Security (I am looking for security guards or similar who are not police officers or PCSOs)

ViSOR (6832_15)

How many individuals employed by your force are listed on the Violent and Sexual Offender Register?

Sex Offenders (6539_15)

I am writing to request information about the number of children that have been investigated by West Midlands Police for making, possessing or distributing indecent images, and the number of under 18s on the sex offenders register in the area.

Crimes Reported Via Facebook / Twitter (6955_15)

How many crimes have been reported to your force via Facebook and Twitter during
a) the calendar year 2014
b) the calendar year 2015 to date (26th November 2015, or whichever date is closest)