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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Month: December 2014

Misconduct (5529_14)

In the period 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014, or if earlier the most recent 12 month period recorded, how many police officers in your force were:-
Subject to the Misconduct Procedure and attended a Misconduct Meeting
The ranks/grades of the panel at those Misconduct Meetings
The outcome of those Misconduct Meetings

Grotto Call-Outs (84_14)

The number of times in the last three years police have been called reports of crime at Father Christmas’s/Santa’s grotto-type attractions? Please outline what offences they were and whether it led to arrests, charges and convictions.

Special Constabulary (20_14)

Can you please provide me with the following information regarding your Special Constabulary:
1) How many special constables were registered with your force as at 1st November 2014?

Mobile Contracts (5526_14)

With regards to the organisation’s mobile phone and mobile data contract(s):

Question 1 – Existing supplier(s) – if there is more than one supplier please list.