Speed Detection (5176_14)


1. Can you please confirm how many Ultralyte 20.20 1000 Concept 2 speed detection devices are currently being used by your force?

2. Can you advise what training is required by officers who are authorized to use the above equipment and who provides this training?

3. Can you please advise the checks your officers must carry out each time they begin using the device to confirm that it is working correctly.

4. When using the Ultralyte 20.20 1000 Concept 2 speed detection devices can you please advise both the minimum and maximum distances that you authorize your officers to use them at.

By this I mean the distances between the device and the vehicle being targeted. There seems to be a variation in distances between different police forces. You may be aware that the handbook for the above device (which can be found at www.teletrafficuk.com/pdf/manual-concept.pdf) advises that the range for using this device is 50m – 500m. However, I have found literature online from at least one police force that states it only uses the devices at a maximum of 400m. Can you please advise what your minimum and maximum distances are? Is this something covered in training?


Please see attached (5176_attachment_01.pdf).



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