Phil Townshend (5063/16)


A schedule or list of all information your organisation holds relating to investigations about late Coventry City Council deputy leader Phil Townshend



We can confirm that relevant information is held by West Midlands Police. However, I am afraid that I am not required by statute to release all of the information requested. Please find attached a redacted document. This letter serves as a Refusal Notice under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) for the parts of the document that have not been released.


The Freedom of Information Act places two responsibilities on public authorities, the first of which is to confirm what information it holds and secondly to then disclose that information, unless exemptions apply.


In this case, this letter represents a Refusal Notice for the redacted parts of the attached document. The redacted information is exempt by virtue of:


Section 30 (1)

Section 40 (2)

Section 44 (1)


These exemptions and explanatory notes are shown here:


In line with the above, I am required to complete a Prejudice Test/Public Interest Test (PIT) on disclosure. Please find this PIT attached.




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