Line Ups (767/18)

1. I’m currently undertaking a research study on the `Reliability of eyewitness identification evidence’. For the part of this study, I’m researching what current line-up procedure does your police force use with eyewitnesses when identifying suspects.
2. Does your police force use sequential line-ups ? (all individuals are viewed one at a time), simultaneous line-ups? (all individuals are viewed at the same time), or does it use Viper (pre-recorded video recordings of individuals)?
3. Please could you respond which type of identification process you use with reasons why you use that one.

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McDonalds Coseley (712_18)

For McDonalds, Coseley in 2017

If you could search for the number of calls for service you have provided and put them into a classification such as anti-social behaviour or burglary etc and give them a date and time line, this would be a great help and is exactly the kind of information my operations manager is looking for.
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Staff Absence (287/18)

Please reveal the total number of days that staff (officers and civilian employees) were absent due to a mental health related illness (e.g. psychological disorders including anxiety, stress, depression) during the 2009/10 financial year. Please also give the total number of staff for the same year. Read more