Human Trafficking (2946_17)

1)How many times has the force been called out to an address because of concerns that people have been trafficked to the force area in the last three years? I mean – 12167 – Arrange or facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation.

Please break these down by year (March 2014-February 2015 inclusive; March 2015-February 2016 inclusive; and March 2016-February 2017 inclusive) and show which beat or Neighbourhood Policing Unit area they are in?

2)For the same time frames (March 2014-Feb 2015; March 2015-Feb 16; March 2016-Feb 2017) please outline the number of people arrested for kerb-crawling, and the location of the arrest if possible.

3)Finally, I would like to find out how many sex workers you have arrested or cautioned during the same time frames, and in which Neighbourhood Policing Unit were found. I mean someone who is paid for sex, i.e. a prostitute or escort. I mentioned sex worker as in the past, its often preferred term within forces

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