Video Link Sites (8725_16)

1.How many remote video link sites are there in your area that are suitable for child/ vulnerable witnesses to use and are not located in a court building?

2.How many times in the last year (April 2015 March 2016) and the year before (April 2014 March 2015) have these sites been used by child witnesses?
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Stolen Property (8990_16)

Over the last 5 calendar years (2011/12 / 2015/16) what items have been stolen from your police force? The items might have been stolen from police stations or from officers who were out and about on duty. Please provide a list detailing quantity of each item stolen and date it was taken. Please also state if the items were recovered. Read more

Pokemon Go (8390_16)

Can you please specify, for the months of June and July 2016 (up to and including the date you receive this request, 26 July):

– The number of incidents police attended that featured the word “Pokemon” in the description/record of the call-out/incident
– An outline of the precise nature of the incident ¿ what happened?
– Whether any arrests were made, and if so, what were the suspected offences?
– The date of the incident
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