Police Dogs (3713_16)

I would like to know, since 2006 how many West Midlands Police dogs have died while with the force.
I would like to know the cause of each dog’s death and the circumstances in which it died. I would also like to know the name, age and breed of each dog as well as its role – how specifically it aided police – and date of death.
If possible, I would also like to know if anyone was held accountable for each death and any disciplinary action that was taken and who against.
I would like each case set out individually. Read more

ATM Thefts (3192_16)

Following several reports we have had from the public regarding intimidation at ATMs in and around the Coventry area, we were interested to know whether West Midlands Police have noticed a rise in these types of incidents?

We have heard about people standing to close to those trying to withdraw at ATMs or even incidents that may have been more than intimidation (stealing cash, card and or pin numbers) in the areas of Earlsdon and at the ASDA in Jubilee Crescent in Coventry. Read more